Trail Maintenance

Trail Stewards

Trail Stewards are members on the MTBC who track the conditions of the trails and participate in planning workshops.  They are responsible for opening or closing bypasses to prevent damage during wet weather. Trail Stewards also update the trail status board with the current riding conditions. They also take place in trail planning workshops, where they work on the master plan for new trails, and keep current trails up to date.

Trail Maintenance

Trails require maintenance throughout the year to stay in great shape.  Members with proper tools and knowledge are asked to spend time maintaining the trails. Maintenance work includes trimming of branches and overgrowth, repairing erosion, opening up trail drains and other work that does not change the way the trail rides.

Trail Work Days

New features and trail building is reserved for official work days.  This is to ensure that new trails and features meet the standards of a sustainable trail.